Silvopastoral Systems in Colombia

Project Outline

Description: Assessing adoption of intensive silvopastoral systems in Colombia. Intensive silvopastoral systems are a diversification technique that replaces monoculture grass pastures and is thought to provide many social and environmental benefits, including enhanced productivity of livestock production and improved biodiversity and ecosystem services. We are utilizing a ten-year dataset from over 4000 silvopastoral farms in Colombia to understand the adoption process — who adopts first, who adopts later, who drops out? We will conduct additional field-work to fine-tune our understanding of the adoption process.

Project background: Starting in 2021, Tatiana Chamorro began consolidating data from Colombia.

Principle Collaborators: Dr. Christina Kennedy (TNC); Dr. Seth Morgan (TNC)

Project Partners: The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Center for Research in Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems (CIPAV), Federación Colombiana de Ganaderos (FEDEGAN)

Funding Partners: Coltufuro Bank, TNC


Research Themes

WoRCS Lab Members

Tatiana Chamorro

Dr. Claire Kremen