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Information for Prospective Lab Members

Upcoming Positions!

Graduate Students for Fall 2023

At this time the lab is only open for students wishing to pursue a PhD.

Prospective Students

How to Join the Worcs Lab

Undergraduate students

We accept undergraduate students into the lab through a number of programs, including Work-Learn, Work Learn International Undergraduate Program, Indigenous Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program, NSERC-USRA.  These programs provide support for student interns.  We sometimes also accept volunteers who wish to gain experience but require volunteers to commit to a certain number of hours per week.  

We hire for our positions each Spring (apply in February/March for May hire) and Fall (apply in June/July for September hire).  If you are interested in the NSERC-USRA, please contact us directly no later than February. 

All inquiries should go to our lab manager, Tyler Kelly at tyler.kelly [at]

graduate Students

PhD applicants may apply through the Resources, Environment and Sustainability or Zoology graduate programs. Please select the program that looks most exciting to you, noting that they are quite different in their outlook and requirements.  Before applying, it is advisable to contact Dr. Kremen directly to explore your interests, academic background and independent research experience to determine whether you are a good fit for the lab.  The best time to write is in September – November for that application cycle.  In this email, please briefly describe your interests and background, and send a copy of your CV and transcripts.  Describe why you think you are a good fit for the lab and be specific about what you’d like to study under Dr. Kremen’s direction.  Students who do not have independent research experience will not be considered.  Students should also apply for all fellowships to which they are eligible.

Support for PhD

Postdoctoral Researchers

 Please send an inquiry directly to Dr.  Kremen to indicate your interest in joining her lab group.  Please describe your skills, what you are interested in working on, and send your curriculum vita.  Most postdoctoral fellows in the lab obtain their own fellowship funds, but occasionally the lab advertises for a specific position funded by a grant (see below).

Support for Postdocs

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our lab thrives on its diversity and is committed to helping create an inclusive, equitable and just world that breaks down barriers and provides access to underserved communities to, among other things, scientific knowledge of the natural world.