Completed Projects

Mammal Movement and Behavior in South America

Description: Using animal location data from GPS collars to study behaviors of resource use and movement patterns that inform conservation. We aim to understand (i) the spatial ecology of the vicuña in the high Andes, (ii) space use and predation patterns of pumas in the high Andes and the Patagonian steppe and (iii) assess connectivity and identify critical corridors in the jaguar range across the Americas.
Methods: Location data from GPS collars, on-ground cluster investigations, kill prediction models, step selection functions, circuit theory
When: 2019-2022 (analysis); 2014-2016 (vicuñas), 2014-2022 (pumas), 2000-2016 (jaguars) (dates when data were collected)
Where: San Guillermo National Park, Patagonia Park and Monte Leon National Park, Argentina (vicuñas and pumas), jaguar range countries (jaguar)
Principle Collaborators: Arthur Middleton (University of California Berkeley), Emiliano Donadio (Fundación Rew’dknalkharg arindgng rkpfilding Argentina and Conservacion Patagonica), Justine Smith (University of California Davis), WWF network
Project Partners: Fundacion Rewilding Argentina, Conservacion Patagonica
Funding Partners: Middleton lab, University of California Berkeley, Conservacion Patagonica

WoRCS Lab Members

Dr. Harshad Karandikar

Dr. Claire Kremen