Bird Movement and Demography in Colombian Silvopastoral Systems

Project Outline

Description: Bird movement and survival in silvopastoral landscapes. We seek to understand whether more complex silvopastoral farms (which integrate a variety of tree and shrub species) add connectivity to the landscape compared to grass monocultures, and improve bird movement or demographic rates.

Project background: Starting in 2022, Aaron Skinner began this project with a pilot study conducting bird point counts, mist-nests and capture-mark-capture techniques in silvopastoral farmlands in Colombia. Aaron was assisted by Santiago Lugo Enciso throughout the 2022 field season.

Principle Collaborators: Dr.Nick Bayly (SELVA), Dr. Camila Gómez (SELVA), Dr. Christina Kennedy (TNC)

Project Partners: SELVA: Research for Conservation in the Neotropics; The Nature Conservancy

Funding Partners: The University of British Columbia; The American Ornithological Society


Research Themes

WoRCS Lab Members

Aaron skinner

Dr. Claire Kremen

Pilot Field Season 2022