Movement of European mammals in farmland

Project Outline

Description: Evaluating importance of High Nature Value farmlands (HNVs) to mammalian functional connectivity. We seek to understand where more diversified agriculture, such as High Nature value farmlands, promotes species movement and connectivity, using existing data on mammalian movements from GPS-collared individuals.

Project Background: Starting in 2020, Gaurav Singh-Varma along with his many European collaborators began analyzing the movement of three mammal species across farmlands Europe. He has used GPS movement analysis, step selection functions, circuit theory (omnidirectional) connectivity models to assess animal movement patterns.

Principle Collaborators: Dr. Francesca Cagnacci and rest of European working group (Euromammals)

Funding Partners:  NSERC Discovery


Research Themes

WoRCS Lab Members

Gaurav Singh-Varma

Dr. Angela Brennan

Dr. Claire Kremen